20 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Web Developers
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15 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Web Developers

20 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Web Developers

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor for building modern web applications. It is a free and open-source editor. It supports a number of extensions that can be used for web application development. In this blog, we are going to talk about 15 of these extensions that are used in developing a web application:

Let’s talk about them!

Live Sass Compiler

This VS Code extension is used for compiling SCSS files to CSS files quickly compared to the other compilers like Visual Studio extensions. This is handy for web developers while developing webpages with SCSS files.

Live SAAS Compiler - Visual Studio Code Extensions

Note: For more details, refer to the Live Saas compiler VS Code extension

Debugger for Chrome

This extension is used for debugging JavaScript code in the Google Chrome browser for webpages in the Visual Studio Code environment. This extension is a lot more convenient than the Chrome console for debugging JavaScript code. To work with this, first install the extension and then set up the lauch.json settings for debugging the particular webpage you want to investigate.

Note: For more details, refer to the Debugger for Chrome VS Code extension

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This extension is used for developing web applications in C# in the Visual Studio Code editor. By using this extension, you can use C# code development and access features like Go to Definition, Find All Reference, IntelliSense etc., which were normally available in source editors like Visual Studio. Y

Note: For more details, refer to the C# VS Code extension.

Live Server

This extension is used for launching a development local server with a live reload feature for static and dynamic pages. This saves time for previewing the changes made to your source code by just making the changes in the VS code and saving the file. This will automatically refresh the browser and reflect the changes you have made in it instead of us manually refreshing the browser page.

Live Server - Visual Studio Code Extensions

Note: For more details, refer to the Live Server VS Code extension.


This extension is used for analyzing your JavaScript code and fixing the errors in them. You can install and edit your JS code to fix the errors pointed out.

Note: For more details, refer to the ESLint VS Code extension.


This extension is used for formatting files like HTML. The unformatted code in these files is converted into formatted, readable code by this extension. You can set this setting in the VS Code preferences, which will then automatically format all the code you have typed in the editor.

Beautify - Best Visual Studio Code Extensions

Note: For more details, refer to the Beautify VS Code extension.

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Better Comments

This extension is used for differentiating comment types like warnings, errors, highlights, and queries to improve the readability and understandability of the code.

Note: For more details, refer to the Better Comments VS Code extension.


This extension is used for testing JavaScript code in the Visual Studio Code editor itself instead of checking it out in the browser console.

Note: For more details, refer to the Quokka VS Code extension.


This extension is used for taking code snippet screenshots. It can be used to copy and paste the code you need in snippet screenshots easily and save them after installing the extension.

Note: For more details, refer to the Polacode VS Code extension.

Path IntelliSense

This extension is used for showing tips for the file paths of a project. This will come in handy while working on a project that has a large number of files in it.

Note: For more details, refer to the Path IntelliSense VS Code extension.

Browser Preview

This extension is used for opening a real browser inside the VS Code editor to debug and check the changes you have made to the code instead of checking them on the browser each time.

Note: For more details, refer to the Browser Preview VS Code extension.

JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

This extension is used for setting shortcut triggers for JavaScript code that can be used to invoke a full code instead of typing out code on each instance. This will be useful while working on projects with a large amount of codes.

Note: For more details, refer to the JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets VS Code extension.

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Settings Sync

This extension is used for saving your settings in the editor to restore them in a new machine, instead of configuring them each time. This can be useful in setting up a customized development environment in the editors. Using this extension, we can upload the settings in a GitHub location and then restore them to a new machine for the editors.

Note: For more details, refer to the Settings Sync VS Code extension.


This extension is used for getting information from a Git source that can be edited in the VS environment. Commit logs, file history, and more from the Git repository files can be viewed inside the VS code itself, and that saves time, too.

Note: For more details, refer to the GitLens VS Code extension.

Web Dev

This extension is a combination multiple extensions required for web development. This extension includes some of the major extensions like, Live Server, ESLint, and JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets. Instead of installing these extensions individually we can install Web Dev extension.

Note: For more details, refer to the Web Dev VS Code extension.

Live Share

This extension enables real-time collaboration among developers. You can share your code with colleagues, allowing them to view, edit, and debug your code directly within their own Visual Studio Code environment. It’s a valuable tool for teams looking to enhance productivity and streamline the development process by enabling seamless code collaboration.

Note: For more details, refer to the Live Share VS Code extension.


This is an essential tool for developers working with containerized apps. It streamlines the Docker container management process directly within the VS Code environment. This extension provides features like creating, managing, and debugging Docker containers and images. It also offers support for Docker Compose, making it simple to define and run multi-container apps.

Note: For more details, refer to the Docker VS Code extension.

HTML CSS Support

This extension provides autocompletion and suggestions for HTML and CSS code directly within the editor, which can significantly speed up coding and reduce errors. It offers features like class and ID attribute autocompletion, quick navigation to CSS definitions, and inline style support.

Note: For more details, refer to the HTML CSS Support VS Code extension.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

This extension simplifies code readability by adding colorization to brackets in your code. It assigns distinct colors to matching pairs of brackets, parentheses, braces, and other code-delimiting characters, making it easy to identify which opening bracket corresponds to a closing one. This visual aid is particularly valuable in large and complex code files, as it reduces the risk of bracket-related errors and enhances code navigation.

Note: For more details, refer to the Bracket Pair Colorizer VS Code extension.

Code Spell Checker

This extension checks your code for spelling errors, ensuring that variable names, comments, and documentation are correctly spelled. It’s especially useful in larger codebases to enhance code readability and maintain professionalism in your projects. By highlighting and suggesting corrections for spelling mistakes, it assists developers in creating well-documented and easily understandable code, promoting better code quality and collaboration.

Note: For more details, refer to the Code Spell Checker VS Code Extension.


I hope you’re eager to use these 20 amazing VS Code Extensions to develop your web application.

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