New RadialMenu control for Windows Form

The RadialMenu control, a menu that can be configured with familiar items for quick access, is being introduced in Windows Forms platform with the Essential Studio Volume 2, 2014 release. What Is a Radial Menu? A hierarchical menu in a circular layout typically used as a context menu, which can di... [More]

HubTile Now in Windows Forms

Essential Studio Volume 2, 2014 comprises more development updates in Windows Forms platform. HubTile, newly introduced control, is similar to Windows 8 Style live tile. HubTile is for content control. When its multiples are arranged in series, it may function as live tile in Windows 8, Windows Pho... [More]

New Rating Control for Windows Forms

With the launch of Essential Studio 2014, Volume 2, newly introduced Rating control integrates with the Essential Tools package to aid easy evaluation of items. The Rating control provides an intuitive rating experience by allowing end-users to rate items based on a specified list of optio... [More]

Gantt Control for JavaScript

Introduction The Essential JavaScript Gantt control has been designed to visualize and edit a project schedule and track project progress. It helps to organize and schedule projects, and also update project schedules by editing, dragging, and resizing them. Key Features ·   &nb... [More]

Converting Word docs to PDFs

Let’s learn how to convert a Word document to a PDF using Essential DocIO and Essential PDF. Essential DocIO renders the contents of a Word document page by page and adds each page to the PDF document using Essential PDF. Use the ConvertToPDF method of the DocToPDFConverter class to convert the Wor... [More]