Microsoft Releases Two AI Tools

Conversational AI is, as the name suggests, AI that can hold a conversation with a human being. By being able to respond intelligently to human questions and directives, conversational AI has numerous applications, from today’s automated support systems to the theoretical helpful robots of tomor... [More]

Webinar Q&A: Maximizing Flexibility with Azure and the Syncfusion Dashboard and Big Data Platforms

On November 17, Syncfusion hosted a webinar exploring how you can maximize your flexibility with Azure and Syncfusion. Moderator Carter Harris and presenter Aaron Melamed demonstrated how easy it is to deploy and integrate the Syncfusion Dashboard and Big Data Platforms on Azure and leverage the pow... [More]

Microsoft Announces IoT Central

In April, Microsoft announced a new service to help alleviate the layers of headaches that can accompany building software for the Internet of Things. The solution, called IoT Central, is touted as an end-to-end, cloud-based software as a service to help developers build and support the back end... [More]