Interview with Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly Author Marco Moioli
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Interview with Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly Author Marco Moioli

Interview with Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly Author Marco Moioli

The following is a short interview with Succinctly series author Marco Moioli, whose book Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly was published recently. You can download the book from our ebook portal.

Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly Ebook
Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly

What should people know about Azure Virtual Desktop? Why is it important?

Azure Virtual Desktop is the right solution at the right time because it allows you to publish Microsoft productivity tools like Windows, Office, and even third-party applications like SAP on every device and access them wherever you are.

It is very important now that work from home and work from anywhere are major trends. Starting from the old concept of virtual desktop infrastructure and terminal service, Azure Virtual Desktop is providing a new, improved experience thanks to the power and security of Azure cloud.

When did you first become interested in Azure Virtual Desktop?

I spent my entire career working with Windows and datacenter/cloud technologies like Hyper-V and obviously Azure. When Microsoft announced Azure Virtual Desktop, I joined a group in the Global Partner Solutions division and I became the technical point of contact for our 900+ partners across Western Europe.

By writing Azure Virtual Desktop Succinctly, did you learn anything new yourself?

Writing a book is always a good exercise because it forces you to review your knowledge, find and close some gaps, and ask yourself what is important, how much is important, and communicate what you have in your mind using clear and simple words.

How will Azure Virtual Desktop change over the next few years?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a mature solution but it’s a cloud service so that means continuous improvements. I’m sure that the future of this solution will be tightly linked with security and productivity.

Do you see Azure Virtual Desktop as part of a larger trend in software development?

Yes, for sure! Virtual desktop infrastructure and terminal service solutions are already key solutions in the market, and Azure Virtual Desktop will support more and more use cases thanks to the power of the Azure cloud.

What other books or resources on Azure Virtual Desktop do you recommend?

We’ve built a strong community around Azure Virtual Desktop, so using social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter it’s possible to find news and experiences written by incredible professionals. The hashtag to use is #avd.

A resource that I particularly like is the Azure Academy series on YouTube where Dean Cefola produced many videos about how to set up Azure Virtual Desktop and the other technologies that help to create a complete solution.

Do you have a personal website where people can find you?

I mainly use LinkedIn to write articles and to post news about Azure Virtual Desktop and other topics like security and compliance. I write mainly in English, but I also lead a LinkedIn group dedicated to Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 that is in Italian called Azure Virtual Desktop & Windows 365 Italian User Group.

How long have you been working with Azure Virtual Desktop?

Since the very beginning, summer of 2019. I had previous experience in virtual desktop infrastructure using Windows Server and Citrix.

Marco Moioli
Marco Moioli

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