The Syncfusion WPF PDF Viewer lets you add, edit, and remove annotations in PDF files interactively. In this webinar, we dived deep into this, right after we reviewed the new updates to our desktop platforms (WPFWinUIUWP) as a part of our 2021 Volume 2 release.


  • What’s new in WinUI for Volume 2
  • What’s new in UWP for Volume 2
  • What’s new in WPF for Volume 2
  • Creating a simple WPF application with PDF Viewer and playing with annotations

What’s New in WinUI for Volume 2

Production-ready components:

Number Box

  •  Allows editing
    • Currency
    • Decimal
    • Percentage
  • Supported input types:
    • Touch
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard


  • Edit dates using CalendarDatePicker.


  • Customize the foreground and background of appointments.

Slider and Range Slider

  • Vertical orientation.


  • Display week numbers.

What’s new in UWP for Volume 2

Circular Gauge

  • Step-frequency support to select discrete values.


  • Add multiple shapes to a single ShapeFileLayer.


  • Preserve text box shape with square wrapping style.

What’s new in WPF for Volume 2

WPF designer improvements

  • Smart tags have been provided for all WPF controls.

Theme Studio

  • 30+ new color palettes for theme variants allow you to customize the primary colors of the framework and Syncfusion controls easily.

DataGrid and TreeGrid

  • Gridlines.


  • Ripple animation over the ports.
  • Multiple-symbol selection.
  • Symbol rearrangement.


  • Resize based on a specified order.

PDF Viewer

  • Cloud annotations.
  • Import and export annotations:
    • FDF
    • XFDF


  • Add multiple shapes.


  • Background and foreground color editors in the UI.


  • Multiselect edit using tokens.
  • Dynamically check items programmatically.


  • Clear button support.
  • Highlight the unmatched text.
  • Maximum suggestion support.

PDF Library

  • Redact PDF paths and shapes.
  • Remove images from PDF documents.

Word Library

  • Word-to-PDF conversion now supports different underline styles:
    • DashLong
    • Words
    • DashHeavy
    • DashLongHeavy
    • DotDashHeavy

PowerPoint Library

  • Supports multicolumn text in conversions:
    • PPTX to image
    • PPTX to PDF


  • Preserve text box shape with square wrapping style.
  • Customize parameter properties.


To review, in this webinar we covered how to add, edit, delete, export, and import annotations in PDF files in WPF as well as all the updates to our desktop libraries in Essential Studio 2021 Volume 2.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and please keep an eye out for our future Syncfusion webinars. Following is the Q&A from the webinar.


Q: How do I apply a license key to the application?

A: Generating license keys and Registering license keys in WPF apps.

Q: Why should I export annotations to an external file?

A: Consider a scenario where a 2 MB PDF eBook is shared in a network for users to read. Each reader highlights and underlines important points in the book. The application that handles PDF viewing should save a copy of the book for each user. So, the file size consumed would be massive. If 100 users read the book, it would consume up to 200 MB of data to preserve the annotations. When the annotations are exported, it would just consume 2 KB, so the same situation handled with exporting annotations would cost 200 KB.

Q: Can I load a PDF document from a web service into the PDF Viewer?

A: Yes, you can download a PDF document as stream and load it in the PDF Viewer.

Q: Can I print a PDF document using the PDF Viewer?

A: Yes, printing PDF documents is possible.

Q: Can I customize the PDF Viewer’s toolbar?

A: Yes, PDF Viewer’s toolbar is completely customizable and you can create your own toolbar with the APIs available.

Q: Does PDF Viewer support filling PDF forms?

A: Yes, PDF Viewer does support filling PDF forms. For more details, refer to the Form Filling in PDF Files in WPF PDF Viewer documentation.