In this webinar, we discovered the power of the .NET MAUI Chat control! We explored its fully customizable conversational UI, ideal for displaying conversations between two or more users. We also took a look at the new controls and features rolled out with Essential Studio’s 2024 Volume 1 release.


[00:00] Introduction and Agenda

[00:44] Prerequisites

[01:06] Demo Starts

[30:54] What’s New in 2024 Volume 1

[38:37] Closing Notes


Q: Can we have the sender and receiver names set programmatically instead of hard-coded?

A: We can set sender and receiver names by binding or setting values directly to the Message.Author property and binding that Message as the ItemsSource of Chat.


During this webinar, we demonstrated how to create modern chat layouts, display messages in various formats, including text and images, and dynamically send messages using external text boxes and buttons. We hope you enjoyed this webinar. Please keep an eye out for our future .NET MAUI webinars.