In this webinar, we review how to create a Blazor hybrid app using mobile Blazor bindings and Syncfusion Blazor components.

This webinar also looks into some of the new updates to Syncfusion’s web libraries with the 2021 Volume 1 release.

What’s New in Blazor for Vol 1 2021

  • New production-ready components.
    • Gantt Chart.
    • ButtonGroup
  • New DataGrid and TreeGrid features.
    • Bind complex data using the ExpandoObject and Dynamic properties.
    • The TreeGrid maintains an expand-and-collapsed state during export.
  • New Scheduler features.
    • Drag and drop multiple events.
    • Timeline year row autoheight.
    • First month of the year in a timeline view.
    • Timeline year view template.
  • New Gantt Chart features.
    • Drag and drop row options.
    • Read-only mode for Task Information dialog.
  • New Tab feature: Drag and drop tab items.
  • New Radial and Linear Gauge feature: Dimensions fit to their parent containers when no heigh or width is specified.
  • New Diagram feature: preventing connectors with nodes from overlapping.
  • New Kanban feature: external dragging and dropping of cards.
  • New Query Builder feature: header template support.
  • New ButtonGroup features.
    • Two-way binding support.
    • Additional HTML attributes.
  • New Word Library feature: Preserve custom shapes while converting from DOCX to PDF format.
  • VS Code extension feature: a Syncfusion Blazor snippet utility to simplify the development process of an application.
  • VS Extension feature: Syncfusion Blazor code generator wizard to speed up development time.

What’s New in Essential JS 2 for Vol 1, 2021

  • New DataGrid features.
    • Mobile layouts.
    • Exporting a grid with template columns.
    • Row dragging and dropping.
  • New TreeGrid features.
    • Infinite scrolling.
    • Maintaining the expand-and-collapse state when exporting.
  • New Diagram feature: preventing overlapping of connectors with nodes.
  • New Chart feature: range color mapping and grouping segments.
  • New Word Processor features.
    • Text box shape with wrapping style.
    • Converting text to uppercase.
  • New Scheduler features.
    • Multievent dragging and dropping.
    • Time format.
  • New Rich Text features.
    • Table cell merge and split.
  • New Spreadsheet features.
    • Freeze panes.
    • Password protection for workbooks.
    • PDF export option.
  • New Pivot Table features.
    • Multiple axes in the Pivot Chart.
    • Median aggregation type.
  • New Query Builder feature: complex data binding.

Creating a Blazor Hybird App Using Mobile Blazor Bindings

Prerequisites for mobile Blazor bindings:

  • .NET SDK 3.1 or later.
  • Visual Studio with the following workloads.
    • NET and web development.
    • Mobile development with .NET.


This webinar discusses the process of creating a Blazor hybrid app using mobile Blazor bindings and Syncfusion Blazor components. We hope you enjoy it, and please keep an eye out for future Blazor webinars.

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