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How do I bind the values of an enum to a ComboBox ?

Platform: WPF| Category: ComboBox

ComboBox can be bound to an enum in XAML or in code. The below code shows binding to the ‘Visibility’ enum,


<ObjectDataProvider x:Key='VisibilityList' ObjectType='{x:Type sys:Enum}' MethodName='GetValues'>
		<x:TypeExtension TypeName='sys:Visibility'>

<ComboBox x:Name='ComboBox1' ItemsSource='{Binding Source={StaticResource VisibilityList}}' SelectedIndex='0' />

Same thing in code-behind:


// Setup the binding as follows:
comboBox1.ItemsSource = Enum.GetValues(typeof Visibility);

You can retrieve the selected enum value at any time using a simple cast as follows:

Visibility visibility = (Visibility)this.myCombo.SelectedItem;

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