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What are the uses of BindingModes?

Platform: WPF| Category: DataBinding

The most common binding scenarios involve the data getting updated from the source to the target. But, in some cases, the source has to be updated when changes are made by the users in the target. Such cases can be defined using the ‘BindingModes’ of the Binding markup extension class. ‘BindingModes’ is an enumeration property and it takes the following values.

1. OneWay – The target is updated whenever the source is updated.

2. TwoWay – A change to either the target or source updates the other.

3. OneWayToSource – It is an opposite of OneWay. The source is updated whenever the target value changes.

4. OneTime – It is similar to OneWay except that the changes to the source are also not reflected in the target. The target contains the value of the source when Binding was initiated.

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