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How do you preserve whitespaces in a Blazor application?

Platform: Blazor| Category: General

From .NET 5 Preview 7, Blazor components trim insignificant whitespaces to achieve better performance. This has been implemented as a result of the finding that 40% of the rendering time is consumed by whitespace nodes. If whitespace nodes removal causes unexpected behavior, you can simply enable it by using the @preservewhitespace directive.

@using System.Linq

@preservewhitespace true
    @foreach (var item in forecasts)
            Temperature: @item.TemperatureC
@code {
    private WeatherForecast[] forecasts;
    protected override void OnInitialized()
        forecasts = Enumerable.Range(1, 10).Select(x => new WeatherForecast()
            TemperatureC = x
    public class WeatherForecast

        public int TemperatureC { get; set; }

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