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How do I implement Office 365 authentication in Blazor WebAssembly?

Platform: Blazor| Category: General

When using Blazor WebAssembly to enforce Office 365 authentication, it is necessary to include the tenant ID and client ID in the appsettings.json file, which can be found under your Azure account.

In Azure AD, a tenant is a dedicated Azure service instance that a company receives and owns after signing up for a Microsoft cloud service such as Azure or Microsoft 365. Each tenant ID is distinct and separate from other tenants.

Procedure outline

  1. Create a new environment in Power Apps and note the web API service root URL.
  2. Register your Azure account.
  3. Create a WebAssembly app using Azure AD for authentication.
  4. Update the callback URL in the app to run the app.
  5. Grant API permissions to access data from the dataverse and modify the code to display the data in the app.

Please refer to this link for a detailed explanation of the implementation of Office 365 authentication.

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