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What about performance when using cascading values in Blazor?

Platform: Blazor| Category: Components

When a cascading value is changed, the new value will be sent down the component tree and all components that use it will be updated. Therefore, Blazor has to keep a watch on the value continuously. This takes up resources and, in a large application, could end up causing performance issues.

If the cascading value will never change, we can stop keeping watch continuously. There is a IsFixed parameter in the CascadingValue component. It is set to false by default but if set it to true, Blazor will not monitor it for changes.

<CascadingValue Value="@Id" Name="EmpId" IsFixed="true">
	<CascadingValue Value="@Name" Name="EmpName" IsFixed="true">
    	<CascadingChild OnNameChange="@ChangeName"></CascadingChild>

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