Scheduling Made Simple

Scheduling Made Simple

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Christiaan Bakker
Senior Software Developer
Qwihi Innovations

B2B Cleaning Company Simplifies Scheduling Processes For Its High-end Clients

A B2B cleaning company located in the Caribbean faces the daunting task of managing a vast amount of cleaning projects—from the hotel industry to apartment communities. With a multitude of projects and employees to manage, this cleaning company struggled to effectively oversee the scheduling needs for each project with the internal processes it had. As a result, scheduling errors, such as double bookings and staffing oversight, occurred. By moving from internal spreadsheets and documents to a Syncfusion Scheduler application, this company drastically improved its bottom line, and in addition:

  • Streamlined scheduling processes for large-scale cleaning projects.
  • Added a customer signature card for an all-inclusive solution.
  • Enhanced employee productivity and delegation.
  • Qwihi Innovations, a software development company based in the Caribbean, partnered with this B2B cleaning company to create the ideal scheduling solution for multiproject oversight. Qwihi builds web applications for a clients of business services, from government institutions to commercial service providers.Christiaan Bakker, a senior software developer with Qwihi, understands the need for relevant and effective applications, and he creates solutions that simplify business processes for his clients.

    Challenges Faced

    Knowing that the B2B cleaning company organizes high-end projects with many employees by using Google Sheets and Google Docs, Christiaan quickly recognized the need to simplify its scheduling processes.

    Christiaan stated, “They had been developing their own solution for several years, and it only got slower and more complicated as time went on. They began to see that their solution was not scalable to manage many customers and employees.”

    Under a time crunch to develop this solution, Christiaan discovered that there were desired components and controls for this application that would take a considerable amount of time to develop from scratch. He started to look for providers who offered these already-developed embeddable components.

    Desired Solution

    After looking for a user-friendly UI, easy-to-integrate processes, and a responsive support team, Christiaan decided to partner with Syncfusion and use its Scheduler control. The Scheduler provides a solid foundation for Christiaan to build upon and customize in a way that improves the cleaning company’s scheduling processes. Robust and interactive, Syncfusion’s Scheduler control is a multipurpose event calendar that allows the user to customize, plan, and manage appointments efficiently and accurately.

    With this effective solution, the cleaning company manages all facets of its operation in a mobile-friendly application. From local to remote data, the Scheduler binds the data from all sources connected to the cleaning company, ensuring a one-stop calendar offering. Not only can the cleaning crew view consolidated appointments by day, they can also view them by specific location, individual crew members, and cleaning project category, with access to a multitude of views and customizations. In addition, cleaning locations can be paired with a cost so that each crew member clearly understands and communicates project costs to their customers. This fast-moving, multidirectional cleaning operation no longer needs to work through a variety of solutions to ensure a satisfied customer base. Its scheduler application is real-time, customizable, effective, and easy to use.

    Favorable Results

    Through this partnership between Qwihi and Syncfusion, the cleaning company now schedules appointments directly with its customers, collects customer signatures within the application, and schedules and manages all aspects of each cleaning job within this one solution.

    Christiaan stated, “My client is very satisfied with the application that we have developed, and this solution has benefited them in many ways.” He also went on to say, “We think along with our customers, and we always come up with the best solution, which results in satisfied customers.”

    With this one scheduling solution, the cleaning company eliminated the stress of multisystem oversight, and it now runs a well-oiled. Qwihi and its team create precise and relevant solutions for each client, and Syncfusion’s unique and out-of-the-box components add a special piece to their applications.

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