Highly Interactive HTML5/JavaScript Scheduler

Highly interactive HTML5JavaScript Scheduler

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“The Syncfusion Scheduler component helped us a lot.”

Challenge and Solution

NDS is a company that develops smart, data-driven digital signage software. Software developer Hans Kemperman loves the opportunities his company gives him to use new technologies and work with multiple partners to accomplish a common goal.

So when his team began developing a management portal to manage their digital signage platform, Kemperman started looking for a good new technology to help them along. He found Syncfusion’s Scheduler component in their Essential JS 2 suite.

“Creating a scheduler component on our own was very costly, complex, and time-consuming,” said Kemperman. “The Syncfusion Scheduler component helped us a lot.”

Kemperman’s team saved a lot of time using the Scheduler and was able to meet their deadline. He is looking forward to the next Essential Studio release to see how his favorite controls will continue to improve.


  • Time Icon
    • Reduced development time.
  • Integration Icon
    • Easy integration.
  • Deadline Icon
    • Helped meet deadline.

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