Employee Background Checks Built with the Syncfusion PDF Library

Employee Background Checks Built with the Syncfusion PDF Library

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We needed to design a document-rendering solution that takes multiple data streams from disparate sources and then integrate this information into an easy-to-read, printable document that was portable.

Syncfusion Products’ Contribution & Solution

As a pre-employment screening company, our clients need to know exactly what state or county jurisdictions our background check reports include. We integrate with our providers via web services and then aggregate this information into a source list. In the past, a customer-service person would maintain a PDF document of these sources. As more and more county and state governments put their record repositories online, maintaining this PDF document became a chore for our operations department. We had considered other solutions to this problem including using PDF print drivers, post-script drivers, or generating a printable HTML document but these options all had shortcomings. Our solution had to be efficient, fast, and reliable, while leaving the smallest footprint possible. We didn’t want to create files first and then print them; we wanted to build PDF documents on the fly.

We selected Syncfusion’s Essential PDF library to provide our solution. Having worked with Sync- fusion for three years, we evaluated their PDF library and determined it was the best fit for the project.

Although there were other vendors out there offering similar components we chose Syncfusion for the following reasons:

  • Their Direct-Trac support system is the best in the industry. Whenever we had a question, Syncfusion support has always performed exemplary and expeditiously. You can count on your questions being answered correctly.

  • As an industry leader in the presentation-layer market, Syncfusion has always delivered cost- efficient, high-performance solutions to, distinguishing our software from the competition.

  • Syncfusion’s PDF control offered everything we needed to accomplish our project goals.

  • The documentation that is included with the product comes with sample projects, a search- able index, and answers to the most common questions developers will likely face when using Syncfusion libraries.

  • Standardization under a single vendor reduces costs and saves our developers time because they don’t have to track down multiple assemblies when new versions are released. This also increases efficiency because developers don’t have different deployment scenarios when things change.

The Benefits

By implementing this solution, we were able to save 5.5 hours of a full-time customer-support employee’s work-week, which can now be used to serve customers, instead of maintaining docu- mentation. Syncfusion’s example projects allowed our developers to deliver the solution before the project deadline and under budget. Deployment and maintenance is simplified due to Sync- fusion’s integration with Visual Studio; upgrading to newer versions of the control libraries is a snap with the provided Assembly Manager.

Closing Comments has always been extremely satisfied with Syncfusion’s product offerings. We count on them for best-of-breed presentation-layer products in both the web and Windows Forms arenas. We will continue to look to them for our presentation needs in the future.


With clients ranging from small, independently owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies, specializes in providing information used in employment screening. These reports can be a simple criminal conviction report or a combined report including motor vehicle reports, employment credit reports, employment verifications, education verifications, character refer- ences, and much more.’s daily goal is to help each client “hire the best…avoid the rest!” The company’s website is

The Challenge

  • Build PDF documents on the fly.

  • Provide an efficient, fast, and reliable solution.

  • Ease document maintenance.

  • Save developers time.

The Benefits

  • Simplifies deployment and maintenance
    • Simplifies deployment and maintenance.
  • Delivers solution
    • Delivers solution faster and cheaper.
  • Provides best presentation layer
    • Provides best presentation layer.
  • Technical support provides correct answers
    • Technical support provides correct answers.

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