Improving Insurance Contracts with File Format Libraries and ASP.NET MVC

Improving Insurance Contracts with Document processing Libraries and ASP.NET MVC

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Luiz Adilson, a software architect, specializes in ASP.NET MVC-based tools that he uses to manage contract life insurance and perform specific calculations that are synchronized on desktop and mobile client devices.


Adilson was having trouble using charts that were compatible on all desktop, web, and mobile platforms. He also had issues converting Word files to PDF files within the application.


Adilson used the ASP.NET MVC Chart control to reach a solution. The Chart control allows images to be rendered, and made the application more compatible across all platforms.

Syncfusion’s DocIO and PDF file format libraries were also used to convert Word files to PDF, eliminating one of the main challenges that Adilson came across.

Adilson was able to perform these and other needed tasks without having to purchase a license of Microsoft Office. With the help of Syncfusion controls and file format libraries, he was able to create both compatible charts for the life insurance contracts and calculations within the contracts.


  • charts compatible
    • Created charts compatible with desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Easily-converted-word
    • Easily converted Word files to PDF.

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