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Know about Syncfusion’s Retail License and EULA

Syncfusion offers two types of licenses: retail licenses and flat licenses.

Retail licenses are governed by the End User License Agreement, or EULA, which is also called the Software License Agreement. It is a click-through agreement; end users must literally click “yes” to agree to the EULA’s terms and conditions before downloading the software. If you have ever downloaded software, or if you have created an account with Amazon, Apple, or Google, you have accepted the terms of a click-through agreement.

Click here to read Syncfusion’s current EULA.

Reading Syncfusion’s EULA will help you understand the terms and conditions of using our software. In this post, we will examine seven key EULA topics.

Terms of Use

This introduction to the EULA explains that the agreement is a legally binding contract between you and Syncfusion. It states that by clicking the “yes” button, you accept all of the agreement’s terms. If you do not agree to the terms, you should click “no” and should not download the software.

Grant: How Can You Use Syncfusion?

With the retail license, Syncfusion grants you a non-transferable license to use our software. There are two crucial points here. First, developers cannot transfer licenses. Each developer needs to be licensed, and each license can only be assigned to one developer. Licenses cannot be transferred from one developer to another developer, and licenses cannot be transferred to other companies. Second, Syncfusion’s software is licensed, not sold. If you purchase a license, you have purchased a license to use our software; however, you have not purchased the software itself.

You could compare purchasing a software license to renting a movie. If I rent a movie through a streaming service, the provider grants me a set period of time during which I may watch the movie. They have granted me access to watch the movie; however, they have not sold me the movie itself. This is a crucial distinction, because if I rent the movie, I cannot keep a copy of it for future use. Conversely, if I purchase the movie, I can keep it indefinitely and watch it whenever I want.

Software licensing works the same way. If you purchase software, you may use it whenever you like. However, if you purchase a license to use software, you may only use it while you have a valid license (to continue our movie rental analogy, you may only use the software during your rental period).

Third Parties

If you purchase a retail license from Syncfusion, you are the only party who can use Syncfusion’s software. You cannot allow any third parties, such as contractors or outsourcers, to use the software.

What Are 4.2f Rights?

Section 4.2f of the EULA explains that you may redistribute anything you created while under a valid license subscription if the following conditions are met:

  1. The application/project is in its final completed form.
  2. You are not making any modifications to any part of the application/project, to include patches, bug fixes, or updates.
  3. The distributed product includes license checks that prevent additional development (in other words, your clients cannot develop or programmatically access the products they receive).


Under a retail license, if you break the terms of the agreement, you must return or destroy our software.


If your retail license or maintenance and support subscription expires, you may continue to distribute anything you created while under a valid subscription if the conditions described in section 4.2f are met.

Maintenance and Support

If your retail subscription expires and your application or development is in maintenance mode (if it is receiving patches, bug fixes, or updates), you need to have an active maintenance and support subscription.

If your retail subscription expires and your application or development is NOT in maintenance mode, you may continue to possess and distribute anything you created while under a valid maintenance and support subscription so long as the application/project is in its final completed form and you are not providing any patches, bug fixes, or updates.

Syncfusion’s EULA contains a lot of important information; if you have any questions about the EULA, please reach out to Syncfusion.


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