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How to Create Apps Angular 5 Q&A

On December 19, Syncfusion hosted the webinar “How to Create Apps with Syncfusion and Angular,” presented by Product Manager Chad Church and moderated by Marissa Keller Outten, director of business development. This webinar demonstrated how to get Syncfusion controls up and running with in an existing or new Angular CLI project. To watch a recording of the webinar, visit our YouTube page or click here:

Following is the question and answer portion of the webinar.

Q: We are going to start a new project and it seems like using JS 2 is the better option.  However, it does not have all the controls available in JavaScript 1, particularly a scheduler.

A:  A scheduler is planned for the Volume 1 release in mid-February, 2018.

Q: When will the Gantt control be ready for JS 2?

A: Gantt is planned for the Essential Studio 2018 Volume 3 release.

Q: According to the website, JS 2 is in preview. Would you recommend using it in production yet?

A: No, we are still in preview. You may expect some breaking changes during our main release.

Q: Can ej2 and ej1 be used together in one project?

A: Yes, you can selectively use ej1 and ej2 controls within same page and project.

Q: Is there an ETA for a diagram control?

A: Yes, a diagram component is planned for the Essential Studio 2018 Volume 2 release.

Q: Is there a running demo page?

A: Yes, please navigate to the link for a running demo.

Q: When will a tree grid control be included in Angular 2?

A: Tree grid is planned for the Essential Studio 2018 Vol 2 release.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Please look at our pricing page:

Q: Most of our customers are Arabic users, does JS 2 have support for Arabic culture and RTL?

A:  Yes, we do have Arabic support culture.

Q: Is there Hijri calendar support for all the date controls like date-time, calendar, and scheduler, etc.

A:  No, currently we only have support for the Gregorian calendar.


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