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Reading & Writing documents with File Format Libraries

Two-way reading and writing of Microsoft Office and PDF files doesn’t need to be a headache or require extra software dependencies. With our file format libraries, you can manipulate these files directly from your code and generate custom reporting in a matter of minutes. In his video titled “Syncfusion File Format Libraries,” Daniel Jebaraj walks you through some of the latest features.


Video overview

These products represent over 10 years of refinement and support. We’ve designed the libraries to be both highly functional and capable of delivering high-quality reports. Traditional reporting exists in a WYSIWYG editor and then is shared with individual users. Using our file format libraries, you can read and write custom reports based on data right from your own code.

The key element of our packages is that you can target one specific file format at the time of report creation. We have support for Excel, Word, PDF, and PowerPoint. All of these formats can be customized at the time of generation, and all of them allow reading and writing. More importantly, these file formats can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat installed.

Reading and writing Excel files

The reports generated in the video were not created in Microsoft Office but were instead generated directly from our C# library with Essential XIsIO. Since things can be generated directly from code, you can handle advanced features—like pivot tables—at the time of generation. You can also read files into the library from an Excel file and push data into your application.

Reading and writing Word files with DocIO

Essential DocIO allows you to read and write files based on popular Word file format variants and convert them to PDF, image, and EPUB files. It also ships with an advanced mail merge function that allows you to generate a Word file based on existing data. You can also create and modify richly formatted tables in addition to shapes and other Word elements.

Reading and writing PDF files with Essential PDF

Essential PDF allows you to provide complete support for creating and modifying PDF files. You can generate tables, extract images and text, watermark existing documents, and perform many more functions. Essential PDF also allows several file types to be converted into native PDFs. Since Essential Studio includes Essential PDF Viewer, you can also import and read a PDF into your application without relying on an external application. Users do not need to have a PDF reader, which eliminates dependency on another application.

Reading and writing PowerPoint Files with Essential Presentation

Essential Presentation allows you to read, write, modify, and render Microsoft PowerPoint files (.pptx only) directly from your code. It can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Office installed. Using this control allows you to target PowerPoint content at a very precise level. You can create a PowerPoint file from scratch directly from your code. Essential Presentation also includes support for rendering PowerPoint files to images. You can create and manipulate other PowerPoint elements, including charts, tables, and SmartArt diagrams.

File formats are cross-platform

Everything demonstrated in the video can be accomplished with web and mobile apps. Go beyond traditional reporting tools with these new ways to generate your own custom reporting. File format products are particularly good if your users need a specific file type.

Have any questions? Contact us and we’ll get them answered for you.


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