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The Syncfusion Global License: Your Questions, Answered

Syncfusion recently hosted a webinar to cover the ins and outs of the Syncfusion global license. We received many questions about the license, and our client relations team, led by Pat Staley, has provided answers. Read on for a full overview of the Syncfusion global license, or visit Syncfusion’s YouTube channel to watch the webinar in full.


Q: Regarding the free license for companies with 5 developers or less than $1m in annual revenue: when does that license expire?

A: The Community License has several criteria that make it distinct from the global license, so there is no single answer to that question. Any customers with questions about the Community License should contact a Syncfusion sales representative.

Q: Our business line in health care requires that we obtain business agreements with contractors and vendors. Has Syncfusion signed these kinds of BAs in the past?

A: We work with many companies that request such documents, and we can always put you in touch with our legal team for specifics.

Q: We develop products. If we want to use dashboards, do our clients need to buy the Dashboard Server or is it royalty-free?

A: Please contact with your contact information and company details. In situations like this, we work with our clients to reach the best solution; there is no single answer.

Q: Is there a time limit?

A: Our license model reflects a 1-year term unless you make other arrangements during the sales process.

Q: Can I use my global license to create software that has Syncfusion controls embedded within it and sell this software to my clients, or does that require a reseller or runtime license?

A: If you are providing an end-product to your client, and additional coding will not be needed, you may sell your software to your client with just the global license. If the software requires additional work over time, you will need to speak with your Syncfusion sales representative to ensure you have the correct license.

Q: When does my license expire?

A: You can log into your portal and view the expiration date under License and Keys.

Q:  Who is my client relations representative?

A:  Please send an email to and we will be happy to have your dedicated client relations representative reach out to you.

Q:  How do I get added to a portal?

A:  Reach out to your portal administrator, or send an email to and we will reach out to you to assist.

Q:  The portal shows my license is expired. How do I get this updated?

A: Please contact your portal administrator to ensure that you are added to the portal, or you can contact and our team will assist you.

Q:  Why don’t I see the global license under My Orders?

A:  The order may be under a different profile; only orders placed under your login will show.

Q:  Is the purchase price a one-time fee?

A:  The global license is a subscription, renewing annually unless otherwise negotiated.

Q:  Is support charged separately?

A:  No, all support is included in your standard license subscription. However, we do offer consulting services for custom development separate from the global license. You can contact for more information on consulting if you are interested.

Q:  I have contractors that do my development. Are they covered by the global license?

A:  They can be! The flat license structure (project, division, and global) is designed for use by third-party contractors. If that is requested and agreed upon, we will include that information in your Master License Agreement.

Q:  What is the benefit of including all my users in the portal?

A:  Developers can see support incidents created within the portal and can receive patches and updates so users are all working on the same version of Syncfusion. Our client relations team also monitors accounts to ensure that you do not have an excessive amount of support incidents open at one time. Ensuring that all of your users are in the portal helps us to manage your account and incidents.

Q:  Can you tell me more about the client relations department?

A:  The CRD is your trusted advisor within Syncfusion. You will have direct contact with a representative who can assist with service, support, and product education, and who can be the ally you need for your development.

Q:  If I have a flat license, do I have to update Syncfusion with users I need added to the portal?

A:  Syncfusion does not need to be notified when a user needs to be added.

Q:  Why would I want to create a new portal each time I start a new project?

A:  Not only is this a great organizational feature that keeps your projects autonomous from one another, each portal can support a different product version, allowing you to upgrade each project as needed. There is no co-dependency here.

Q:   Do I have to assign a platform or component to each project? What if I have multiple components being used on one project?

A:  The only time Syncfusion will ask you to associate a platform or component with a project is during incident creation. You can use multiple controls or components on one project, but only if the components are using the same product version. As mentioned, the portal can only support one product version at a time.

Q:  Can my developers create new portals on their own?

A:  Only the Portal Admin can create new portals.

Q:  Do my developers all log in to the same portal to access licenses or components?

A:  Each developer or user will have their own personal login and account portal to obtain licenses, create incidents, and download product versions.

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Description: A Q&A from our recent webinar about the Syncfusion global license.


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