The Syncfusion 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide | Syncfusion Blogs
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The Syncfusion 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

The holidays are in full swing, but we at Syncfusion know that not everyone has finished their shopping. While we can’t help you determine the perfect, heartfelt gift for that special someone in your life, we can help you find the perfect last-minute gifts for the tech-savvy people in your life. Read on for Syncfusion’s 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide.

Nintendo Switch

Look in your heart: you want to play The Legend of Zelda while watching Netflix. You want your young family members to enjoy Mario Kart without monopolizing the TV. You want to play some of the best video games on the market without spending $500 on a new console. In ages past, these would be the fevered dreams of a madman, but 2017 saw the release of the Nintendo Switch, the hybrid console that, yes, switches from a full-fat console experience on your TV to a full-fat console experience in the palms of your hands. It’s not as powerful as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but it has a strong library and a lower price tag. It’s a great gift for the whole family.

The only question is: which games to get?

Sony Aibo

Not yet available outside Japan, but for anyone who lives there or is willing to jump through some hoops, Sony has resurrected their hi-tech robot dog companion, Aibo. With greater articulation and improved AI, the new Aibo is closer to a real dog than ever before, and might be the first time someone ever claims a pet to be hypoallergenic without inviting an exaggerated eye roll from allergy sufferers. The perfect gift for dog lovers who can’t wait for Westworld season two and people who learned the wrong lessons from Fahrenheit 451.

“Go on boy! Lead us to the center of the Maze!”

Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

Do you like extremely high-quality pens? Do you lose your pens all the time? Cross’s deluxe pen is billed as the world’s first trackable pen, using Bluetooth to let you know if you’ve misplaced it. You can also use the pen to find your phone. A great gift for the scatterbrained ink enthusiast on your list.