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The 2020 Succinctly Readers Awards Are Coming!

To all our Succinctly readers, old and new, the end of year is approaching again. That means you have just a few weeks to catch up on your reading before the Succinctly Readers Awards!

Cast your vote for your favorite Succinctly book published in 2019. This is your chance to bestow recognition, glory, and a little virtual medal on the book you find most deserving. Polls open in January, and these are the contenders, in order of publication:

Angular Succinctly
Kubernetes Succinctly
ASP.NET Core 2 Succinctly
Electron Succinctly
Elixir Succinctly
Getting the Most from LINQPad Succinctly
Using .NET Core, Docker, and Kubernetes Succinctly
Flutter Succinctly
Hadoop for Windows Succinctly
Neural Networks with JavaScript Succinctly
Visual Studio 2019 Succinctly
React Succinctly
Business Process Flow Mapping Succinctly
MSIX Succinctly
SQL Server Metadata Succinctly

We’ll see you in the new year for the vote. Happy reading!

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