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Take Advantage of Two Great Offers for Hobbyists

In a recent pcworld.com article, Joab Jackson noted that an increasing amount of programming is being done by non-professional programmers—about 40 percent of the world’s 18.5 million developers are hobbyist developers, or “people who write code even though it is not their primary occupation.”

To celebrate the official release of Essential Studio for JavaScript and the release of Windows 8.1, we are offering hobbyist licenses for our JavaScript and WinRT suites at $1 each. Hobbyist licenses are allowed for commercial use by individual developers and include one year of support and updates.

Our JavaScript suite offers more than 40 unique controls designed from the ground up for LOB application development. It includes all the controls necessary for building enterprise dashboards, including grids, charts, gauges, OLAP grids, and more. The most important controls in any UI toolkit are the grid and chart, and Essential Studio for JavaScript includes some of the most feature-rich grid and chart controls on the market.


Essential Studio for JavaScript

Our latest release of Essential Studio 2013 added new tools and enhancements to our WinRT suite such as 3-D charts and other UI components. To provide a meaningful and natural end-user experience, controls must react smoothly to touch gestures, so performance cannot be an afterthought in WinRT applications. Our controls are highly optimized for touch, and are compatible with any hardware.


Essential Studio for WinRT

Take advantage of our JavaScript hobbyist offer and our WinRT hobbyist offer and start working on your next big idea today! To speak with someone about your development project and learn how Syncfusion can help, contact sales@syncfusion.com or call 1-888-9DOTNET.


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Comments (1)

Amid all the spam comments, I really appreciate you guys putting these out there so they are very affordable for the common user/learner/hobbyist. I think you’re the only component maker that is actually doing something like this. I would love to seen the entire studio go for a discounted rate with some stipulations around it’s usage (i.e. if you are selling a final product, revenue can’t be more than X).

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