Syncfusion Makes SD Times 100 List for the 13th Year Running | Blogs
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Syncfusion Makes SD Times 100 List for the 13th Year Running

The editors of the tech magazine SD Times have announced that, for the thirteenth consecutive year, Syncfusion has earned a spot in the SD Times 100. To be selected for inclusion in this annual list of top innovators in software development, Syncfusion demonstrated exceptional quality in user experience thanks to our user interface design tools.

Our unwavering dedication to top-quality web design and UX design should come as no surprise. Syncfusion’s app development software has always provided a wide range of UX options, supporting a variety of interface styles. Whether created for touchscreens, mobile devices, or desktops, applications built with Syncfusion products take advantage of the very best components. We continually update our products to bring the best available tools to our customers. Our new Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET MVC, for instance, is a cutting-edge collection of user interface design tools built from the ground up to be lightweight, touch-friendly, modular, and customizable, reflecting the needs of the modern web developer.

Syncfusion is honored to once again be included in the SD Times 100 for outstanding user experience. We are committed to maintaining our high standards and award-winning software for years to come. Thank you to SD Times for this honor, and thank you to our customers for supporting us and creating such amazing apps with our components for rapid application development. We look forward to another thirteen years of quality!


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