The Era of Feedback Portal for Syncfusion Products Begins! | Blog
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The Era of Feedback Portal for Syncfusion Products Begins!

We are glad to introduce our new Syncfusion feedback portal for receiving and processing your feedback across all our products, with an increased focus on upgrading them. This portal will give you a better experience posting your feedback and tracking it.

We’ve received a lot of feedback and it has helped us to improve our products in different ways. Hoping that the Syncfusion support system was very convenient for you, too, we came up with the new initiative of a feedback portal to make submitting and tracking your feedback even easier. As part of our improvements and to make our system more transparent, we are making your feedback public to other users and you can view the feedback raised by other users too. We believe this will help us understand common interests and opinions quickly. Which in turn, helps us improve our product in ways meaningful to you.

How to use the new portal?

This new portal is very simple and easy to use. You can see the feedback for all our products in one place. If you are an existing Syncfusion customer, you can share your ideas as feature requests here and you can log bug reports for any issues.

If you want to show interest in a feedback report created by someone else, then you can vote on it to raise it in our priority list.

You can also add comments to other people’s feedback if you have any questions or concerns.

This all can be done only after signing in into your Syncfusion account. You can use your existing Syncfusion account or you can create an account here.
Syncfusion feedback portal - Platforms list
Then, click New feedback. The portal will take you through a process very similar to submitting a support ticket.
Syncfusion feedback portal - Create new feedback

Private feedback

Sometimes, you may need to give additional details for us to reproduce the issue on the Syncfusion end when you log a bug report. You might think of privacy here, so, for this reason, you can log it as private feedback while creating it. As a result, only the concerned customer and Syncfusion can view it.
Syncfusion feedback portal - Post private feedback

How to track your feedback

You can find the details and status of your feedback in the feedback page after its creation. We will update the status of the feedback when we start to work on it or if it is finished. You can easily understand our updates, as all our statuses are very straightforward. Whenever the status is updated, you will receive an email with details.
Syncfusion feedback portal - Track your feedback

Your suggestions are welcome!

All our effort in this new portal is to make it easier for you to reach out and share your feedback. We want to get ideas and suggestions from you, as you play a vital role in our progress. We’re looking forward to your outlook on our feedback portal with great excitement!


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