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A New Era for Enterprise Business Dashboards

Remember spending days creating static dashboards? And waiting even longer for your web team to code them into something functional? Those days of waiting and wasting time are gone.

It’s time for a new era in enterprise business dashboards. The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is here. Create in half the time with a drag-and-drop designer. Pull your data from a growing list of sources. Share with your peers—or the whole world—with just a few clicks.

Import Your Data

You’ve got data. Lots of it. Connecting and transforming it shouldn’t be hard.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to connect the most popular data sources to feed your dashboard. Microsoft Excel files, HDFS, CSV, SQL Server, Spark, Oracle, MySQL, Salesforce, JSON, and relational databases are just some of the sources that can be transformed inside the dashboard. Your data can be ready for visualization with just a few tweaks.

Have more complex data? Data in more than one format or from more than one source? A mix of structured and unstructured data? If this sounds like your use case, don’t worry—we’re ready for your data too. Import your data into the Syncfusion Big Data Platform to prepare it for visualization. >

Once your data is ready, connect it to a growing list of popular built-in sources. Excel, SQL Server, Apache Spark, Azure Table storage—and more—are available to connect to your dashboard.

Designing is easy

Now that you’ve connected your data—what can you do with it? Transform it into a beautiful dashboard—and visualize your data—faster than ever before.

Our drag and drop interface makes designing your dashboard a snap. No need to call your creative team and wait. No need to contact IT and wait. Design fast and easy with a growing selection of widgets.

Charts, gauges, grids, tree maps and more are here and waiting for your data. Add powerful and interactive filter widgets like date pickers and range sliders too. You can even link to another dashboard while you’re here.

Share and manage

You’ve visualized your data and created a dashboard, so what’s next? We’ve included a powerful server application to make sharing and managing dashboards a breeze.

Categorize your dashboards. Add users and edit permissions. Define user groups. You have complete control and management of your dashboards, all within the application itself. Import from Active Directory and save even more time!

Viewing dashboards has never been easier for end users. Thanks to HTML 5, users can view and interact with your dashboards in any modern web browser. On-the-go users can access dashboards on phones and tablets. They can even collaborate directly on the dashboards.

Dashboards for today and tomorrow

Today’s world demands efficiency, collaboration, ease of use, and access from anywhere. The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform allows you to modernize, save time, and do more with your data than ever before.

Start a free trial today and see what dashboard platform can do for you. Or, demo sample dashboards here to see everything in action. Need more information? Check out all of the features, or contact us today to get answers to your questions.


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