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Syncfusion Celebrates World Book Day

Sunday, April 23, was World Book Day, a celebration of reading and publishing designated by UNESCO. Syncfusion is proud to be contributing to the knowledge of the world with our Succinctly series, helping developers get a quick start on new technologies for free. We’ve published 113 e-books, and counting!

Not all of us are developers, though, and often our tastes in books span many genres, so we asked our employees, “What are your favorite books and authors?” And they responded!

Our favorite genre was science fiction, closely followed by fantasy, sometimes loved by the same person.

“I am a science nerd, so I love sci-fi that has a basis in reality,” said Bill from our sales department, naming Eon by Greg Bear as his favorite. “Give me some singularity, robo-apocalypse, AI nerdity and I will be content all day.”

“I like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell because it delivers a richly detailed setting filled with entertaining characters,” said Darren of the content team. “It also works well as an homage to the literature of Georgian England, utilizing period-appropriate language and style. It’s a long book, but for anyone who is in tune with its sensibilities, it is a unique pleasure.”


Jessie from our legal team chose Isaac Asimov as her favorite author. “I like Isaac Asimov because he was a visionary world-builder in the truest sense,” she said. “Not only was he one of the most prolific authors of the last century, but his mastery of so many different areas led him to create books that were both insightful and addictive. Even though I began reading his books a couple decades ago, the imagery his words originally evoked is still quite clear in my mind.”

For some, audiobooks are a great way to fit in a good story when your hands or eyes are needed elsewhere.


“Amazing stories, great characters,” said Brett from the client relations department of Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus Trilogy. “I enjoy audiobooks and these are expertly performed.”


Chad, our product manager, reminisced about his favorite author, “Piers Anthony has both very silly and very thought-provoking books. Well, at least I thought so when I was younger…”

While Jordan of the client relations team went into fond detail about Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. “This is my favorite book because of where it stands in the SciFi genre,” he said. “This book was written before space travel ever happened, it predates any type of physical description of space travel at all, but the visuals the descriptions give you are simply outstanding. This book is the shear embodiment of sci-fi: it is based in our reality and centered around what we as humans on earth are familiar with, then it rockets into a state of pure creative mental bliss. Holy goodness, I need to read this book again.”

  Lauren from our administration team prefers young adult fiction. She said that, while J.K. Rowling is her favorite author, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is her favorite book.

“I like reading about worlds with imaginative and infinite possibilities.”

 Some of our employees chose more realistic fiction as their favorites.


 Graham of the content team prefers crime novels, “I like grim, terse writing.”

He chose Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man as his favorite book, though.


Third Degree is super intense,” said Jon of the sales team. “Everyone I have recommended the book to has always said that once they started, they couldn’t put it down.”

The sales team’s David enjoyed the classic Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Sallinger, “Holden Caufield was someone I could totally relate to.”


 Beautiful Ruins is one of my favorite books because it transports me back in time to a lovely town in Italy,” said Lori of our marketing team. “The characters are fascinating people and it is fun to get wrapped up in all their adventures.”

 “In form, A Fable is war tale conveyed through an impressionist’s eye, what one would find in a battle scene painted by Monet—calamity brilliantly colored and outlined in soft strokes,” described Tres of the content team of William Faulkner’s book. “In essence, it is a meditation on the manipulation by those who start wars of those who fight them.”

Our most popular book (and by that we mean the only one with two votes) was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

  “I love romance because everything turns out alright in the end,” said marketing’s Elizabeth (right). “Unless you’re Romeo and Juliet. In which case, things end horribly wrong.”