Supporting the Developer Community: Our Response to COVID-19
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Supporting the Developer Community - Our response to COVID-19

Supporting the Developer Community: Our Response to COVID-19

We understand that many of us have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to feel the impact for some time to come. We want to do our part to make things a little easier for you so we have put in place four measures that we hope will bring you some relief during these extraordinary times:  

  • Our Community License continues to be available at no cost to companies with 10 or fewer employees and less than $1M in annual revenue. 
  • If you would like to license your entire team, contact us directly, and we can work with you to meet your needs. 
  • Learning new technologies will make you and your company more valuable. Take advantage of our free collection of 200+ e-books.

We understand that this is but a small cog in your day-to-day lives, but it is our hope that it can provide some form of relief as you grapple with staffing and budgetary needs. 

We’ll offer this discount as long as we can and update this page as the situation progresses. 


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Comments (7)

Thanks so much

Man, Syncfusion is a really great & respected company !
Thank you

thank you, your support and components are awesome.

Thank you!!

Great!!! Thank you.

I just installed and tried the Syncfusion Community License package and it looks impressive. Since I am the only developer in our small business, this seems very interesting to me.
Your gesture is something amazing in today’s money hungry world.
Thanks Syncfusion from the bottom of my heart!


Awesome information. thanks for sharing it.

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