Advancing PDF Handling with Standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer
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Advancing PDF Handling with Standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer

Advancing PDF Handling with Standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer

We at Syncfusion are thrilled to bring you into an exciting phase in PDF viewing! We proudly present an innovative control in our 2023 Volume 3 release—the standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer.

This sophisticated tool is specifically engineered to elevate your interaction with PDF files. In contrast to traditional PDF viewers that depend on server-side processing, this standalone PDF Viewer functions directly on the client side. This functionality allows you to view, edit, print, and download PDF files without any server dependencies. Thus, you have a more efficient and autonomous method to manage your PDF files.

This innovative viewer embodies our commitment to enhancing the user experience. It signifies a substantial advancement in PDF viewing technology, establishing a new benchmark for convenience and adaptability.

In this blog, we will explore its features and capabilities in detail.

Advantages of the new standalone PDF Viewer

These are some of the exceptional advantages that the standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer brings over its predecessor:

  • Enhanced performance and optimal memory utilization: With the standalone PDF Viewer, we have harnessed the strength of the WebAssembly version of PDFium and the Essential JS 2 PDF parser library right on the client side. This strategic shift eliminates the need for server calls entirely, resulting in a remarkable boost in performance and efficient memory usage.
  • Complete independence from web service dependency: Say farewell to the era of web service dependencies. Our standalone PDF Viewer, a pure client control, eliminates the need for external web services. You can deploy the new PDF Viewer on any web-based platform without worrying about managing or setting up a web service infrastructure.
  • Seamless deployment on diverse platforms: The standalone nature of the new PDF Viewer means that you can confidently deploy it on various web-based platforms. Whether your app resides on Windows, Linux, MacOS, or beyond, the standalone viewer adapts seamlessly. This cross-platform compatibility ensures consistent and hassle-free deployment experiences.
  • Smooth and uninterrupted operations: The standalone PDF Viewer takes interactivity to the next level. This viewer guarantees a fluid and responsive user experience by eliminating the need for server interaction. Operations are executed directly within the client environment, eradicating the delays associated with server interactions. The result? Swift and uninterrupted operations that enhance user satisfaction.

With these advantages, the new standalone PDF Viewer redefines the landscape of PDF handling.

Performance improvements

A notable shift in performance is at the core of our advancements. In the previous server-backed PDF Viewer, we harnessed the Pdfium.dll to procure PDF document pages as images. However, our standalone PDF Viewer introduces an innovative transformation—incorporating the WebAssembly version of PDFium. This strategic transition empowers the new PDF Viewer to access PDF images, text, and hyperlinks directly on the client side.

The changes in this shift have been remarkable. The reliance on web services has been significantly diminished, leading to greatly enhanced performance. The improvements have been impactful, from rendering and scrolling to zooming, panning, and printing operations.

We compared the operations of the old server-backed PDF Viewer against the capabilities of the standalone PDF Viewer, quantifying the speed enhancements. We analyzed the performance with this PDF document and got the following results.

ActionImprovement from the previous server-backed PDF Viewer to the standalone PDF Viewer
Initial loading~+ 74%
Zooming~+ 53%
Panning and scrolling~+ 7%
Printing~+ 72%
Downloading and saving~+ 54%

Migrate to the standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer

We strongly encourage you to consider transitioning to the standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer component if you’re currently using the previous PDF Viewer. This isn’t merely a basic upgrade but a substantial advancement in technology and user experience.

The standalone PDF Viewer provides a multitude of advantages that establish it as a superior choice. It’s not just about adopting a new tool when you migrate to the standalone PDF Viewer. Instead, you’re stepping into a new era of efficient and autonomous PDF management, offering a more streamlined and independent way to handle your PDF files. This transition represents a significant shift towards improved efficiency and user experience. So, why wait? Embrace the future of PDF management today!


For more details, refer to the standalone Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer component user guide and web demos.


Thanks for reading this blog! We’ve explored the features of the new standalone Syncfusion Essential JS 2 PDF Viewer in the 2023 Volume 3 release. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates and tutorials that will guide you in harnessing the full potential of this dynamic component within your apps. You can also check out all the other updates in the 2023 Volume 3 release on our Release Notes and the What’s New pages.

Remember, flexibility is at your fingertips. Whether you opt for a server-backed or standalone setup based on your service URL, the Syncfusion PDF Viewer adapts to your unique needs.

Try out these features and share your feedback in the comment section below. You can also reach us through our support forumssupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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