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Sneak Peek at 2019 Volume 4 - Xamarin

Sneak Peek at 2019 Volume 4: Xamarin

At the end of this year, we at Syncfusion will come out with another exciting release with cool and useful new controls and features. The release of 2019 Volume 4 is expected to be in mid-December. In this blog, I am going to give you a quick overview of the new controls and features we plan to make available in the Xamarin platform in this release.

New components

In the 2019 Volume 4 release, we expect the inclusion of the following three new components for Xamarin.Forms:

Let’s go through the expected features in each control briefly.

Chat View (Preview)

The Chat View control for Xamarin.Forms provides users a modern conversational chat experience to display a conversation between two or more users in a fully customizable layout.

Chat View (Preview)

Date Picker (Preview)

The Date Picker control for Xamarin.Forms allows users to select a date in a date range quickly. It supports different display formats and can be opened as a dialog.

Date Picker (Preview)

Time Picker (Preview)

The Time Picker control for Xamarin.Forms allows users to select a time with different time formats quickly. It can be opened as a dialog.

Time Picker (Preview)

Effects View and Shimmer in Xamarin.Forms for UWP

We plan to add UWP support for the Effect Views and Shimmer controls for this release.

New chart types

Syncfusion intends to add new stacked line and 100% stacked line series types to the Charts control. These types allow users to visualize different series stacked together to show a cumulative value.

New chart types


We aim to add a feature to the Maps control that renders polylines from a collection of points.

PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer is expected to add:

  • Printing support that allows you to print a file with several default printing options.
  • The ability to import and export PDF annotations in FDF and XFDF formats.

Rich Text Editor

Additions to the Rich Text Editor are expected to include:

  • Placeholder support that allows users to add semantic meaning to text by inserting custom tags that can be used as placeholders for dynamic content.
  • Undo and redo support for the Rich Text Editor for UWP. Manage the undo and redo actions’ history in order to store users’ editing actions and customize the undo and redo steps.

Text Input Layout

We intend to add a feature to the Text Input Layout control that provides support to use the Xamarin.Forms Picker, Date Picker, and Time Picker components as input views.


Apart from these major features and new controls, you can expect many other new features in our other controls. You can check them out once the release is rolled out.

Stay tuned to the official TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages for the announcement of the release. Also, we will post a detailed blog post for each new control after the release, to guide you in working with the new controls in Xamarin.Forms applications.


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