Readers Celebrate the Succinctly Series

We at Syncfusion have been celebrating our 100th Succinctly series e-book, SciPy Programming Succinctly. We’re very proud of our accomplishment, but we couldn’t have reached this milestone without the continued support of our readers, whose passion for community development has made the Succinctly series a success. Today, we want to highlight some of the responses we’ve received from readers about the series.

Our readers find the Succinctly series to be useful reference material for developers of all stripes.


Many find them to be especially good for learning new skills.


We are thrilled that the Succinctly series has an international reach!


And, of course, many readers are just happy to see a topic they love get attention.                                   

Regardless of why you read the Succinctly series, we are proud to have such a large and enthusiastic set of readers. From all of us who work on the series, thank you, and feel free to tell us what you love about the Succinctly series on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.


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