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Raw Data View in the Dashboard

Raw data view is the view of records as they exist in a connected data source. Generally, records in this view remain flat, unstructured, and unprocessed. So we usually prefer not to showcase this data through a decision-making visualization widget as it is. However, sometimes it’s necessary to do so, since this data forms a historical view for the aggregated results for prediction and in-depth analysis purposes.

In Syncfusion Dashboard, raw data from databases can now be showcased as it is through the grid widget.

Figure 1: Aggregated View

To enable the raw data view in a grid widget, navigate to the Properties tab of it, and uncheck the Enable Data Grouping option under the Data Settings group.

Figure 2: Enable Data Grouping—unchecked state

Figure 3: Grid with raw data

If you take a close look at the grid above, you won’t see data either grouped or aggregated—measure fields will show data without aggregation, and dimension fields will show data without grouping. Also, in terms of query execution time, it is better than that of the grouped/aggregated view computation.

For more details on enabling this setting, please refer here.


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