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JavaScript UI Library Preview Available on GitHub

Syncfusion’s new generation of JavaScript components has been secretly percolating for a while, but is now available as a preview on GitHub. Before we officially release the it though, we need your help! Please download your free copy of the preview from GitHub and provide us with feedback on the controls so that we can make them even better.

What’s so cool about our new JavaScript components? Take a look:

  • Pure and clean. Built with TypeScript, compiled into JavaScript, with no external dependencies.
  • Slimming and bloat-free. Modular architecture lets you include only the features you want.
  • The whole framework is only 210 KB. It’s a featherweight champion.
  • It likes your fingers. Touch screen friendly.
  • Accessibility standards compliant.
  • Worldly. Vast language and cultural settings.
  • An initial pixel-perfect material design theme, with more variety on the way.
  • Performance is priority.
  • Native Angular components. You can compile ahead-of-time and shake trees as you like.
  • Jazzed-up controls:
    • Grid
    • Chart
    • Form validator
    • Calendar
    • Text boxes
    • Button
    • List view
    • Dialog
    • Toolbar

For details, check out our website which also now features our adorable new mascot, so check it out too. But we’re far from done! Here are a few more plans:

  • Controls for 2017:
    • Scheduler
    • Tree view
    • Tree grid
    • Diagram
    • Date picker
    • Kanban
    • Gantt
  • Client-side export libraries for Excel, Word, and PDF
  • Native ASP.NET Core components
  • Built-in integration with frameworks like React and Vue.js
  • Aesthetics:
    • More built-in themes
    • A visual theme composer

Our ultimate goal is to make it the best JavaScript UI library on the market, the only one anyone will ever need. But we need your cooperation and input to achieve this. For this purpose, we’ve made the whole suite, including automated test scripts, available for your perusal and critique. Please feel free to unload your comments now so that our development will continue smoothly into the future. We also accept praise on Facebook and Twitter.


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