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Introduction to Bold BI: Creating Dashboards with Pre-Defined Templates Webinar Q&A

In our latest webinar, “Introduction to Bold BI: Creating Dashboards with Pre-Defined Templates,” Product Manager Dinesh Kumar P demonstrated how easy it is to connect, visualize, and share dashboards using templates in Bold BI, our complete enterprise dashboarding solution. This blog reproduces the question-and-answer segment of the webinar to answer both common questions and some that are a bit more specific. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it on our YouTube channel or here:

Can we create our own templates and allow our users to create dashboards from those?

No, we currently do not have the option to create your own dashboard templates. Custom templates are a feature we may pursue in the future. You can still create dashboards with sandbox data and share them with your users. The dashboards then can be populated with the users’ data by choosing the Edit Connection option in the data source designer.

Do you have an option to deploy on-premises or does it have to be in your cloud? Is it available on Linux deployments?

Yes. We have option to deploy on-premises:

Currently, we do not support Linux deployments. You can follow this feature request for further updates:

Can Bold BI be placed in Windows Forms?

Yes. We can embed the dashboard in a browser control in Windows Forms.

Can you connect Bold BI with IBM Db2?

No, this is not supported yet.

Is Bold BI replacing the Syncfusion Dashboard Cloud?

Yes, Bold BI will be replacing Syncfusion Dashboard Cloud eventually.

How does the integration with services supporting REST APIs work? For example, we would like to integrate Sentry, which is an error collection tool.

We have a generic Web API connector that can be used to connect to any Web API that is accessible via the internet.

Will you continue to develop and extend the Dashboard Platform?

We will still provide support and develop the on-premises version of the Dashboard Platform. However, no further features will be added to the desktop version (a Windows application) of Dashboard Designer. All the existing features in the desktop designer and new features will be gradually added to the web version of Dashboard Designer.

How do you handle connection to a local DB that is behind a firewall for security reasons? Would this require using on-premises deployment?

Currently on-premises works well for this. However, for cloud, we will be launching an on-premises tool to push the data to the cloud.

Can Bold BI work with Angular 7?

We can embed the Bold BI dashboards in your application using our embedded analytics feature. You only have to copy our embed code and include it wherever you want in your HTML page.

Sample Embed Code for Bold BI Dashboard


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