Interview with Razor Components Succinctly Author Ed Freitas
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Interview with Razor Components Succinctly Author Ed Freitas

Recently, we published Razor Components Succinctly by long-time Succinctly author Ed Freitas for all our Blazor fans. This blog post contains a short interview with Freitas about his new book. You can download this book from our ebook portal.Razor Components

What should people know about the subject of your book? Why is it important?

Blazor is super exciting and perhaps one of the fastest growing technologies nowadays, as it allows backend C# developers to create full-stack web apps with only C# knowledge. Razor Components are one of the pillars that make Blazor applications possible.

When did you first become interested in this subject?

Since day one. Essentially as soon as Microsoft announced it was working on this project.

For developers looking to start using the Blazor framework, where should they start? When in the learning process should they pick up your book?

They should start with the Blazor Succinctly and Blazor WebAssembly Succinctly books by author Michael Washington to understand the fundamental aspects of this technology. With that knowledge, then they can take on Razor Components Succinctly.

While writing this e-book, what did you learn yourself? Did something surprise you?

I learned a lot about how to structure Blazor applications correctly for scalability and reusability, which is in essence what Razor Components Succinctly covers. I wouldn’t say I was surprised with anything in particular, as I already knew quite a bit about the technology as a whole, but I did find it interesting how much code reusability concepts and separation of concerns are even more important in Blazor than they might be on other platforms.

How do you see Razor and Blazor changing over the next few years?

It’s evolving to include more than just web apps powered by server-side ASP.NET or WebAssembly; to include mobile and desktop application development, also.

Do you have a blog page or a website where people can find you?

Yes, I’d love you to check out my books, courses, or simply stop by and say “hello,” at and my blog is available at: Blog | Ed Freitas.

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