What’s New in Flutter: 2023 Volume 4
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What’s New in Flutter: 2023 Volume 4

What’s New in Flutter: 2023 Volume 4

As we publish a new chapter of innovation with the 2023 Volume 4 release, we’re thrilled to present groundbreaking new features in Syncfusion Flutter widgets. Our Flutter DataGrid and PDF Viewer have been enriched based on invaluable feedback from our users and our developers’ cross-platform expertise. The Charts component also has some notable enhancements.

Let’s dive into the new features.


The new features included in the Flutter DataGrid are:

Dynamic data grouping

Effortlessly tailor your data presentation with programmatic data grouping. You can dynamically group data by columns, providing excellent control and flexibility. Whether navigating intricate datasets or crafting intuitive hierarchies, this feature empowers you to deliver a refined and user-friendly data experience.

User-centric expand and collapse

Place your users in control with intuitive expand and collapse interactions. This feature lets them personalize data views effortlessly, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Customizable grouping logic

Elevate your app’s adaptability with customizable grouping logic. Define specific rules for data grouping, ensuring alignment with your unique data model. This level of customization delivers unparalleled precision in data representation.

Custom Grouping Logic Feature in Flutter DataGrid
Custom Grouping Logic Feature in Flutter DataGrid

PDF Viewer

The Flutter PDF Viewer delivers the following new features in the 2023 Volume 4 release:

Text markup annotations

You can now easily add, remove, and modify text markup annotations in a PDF document. With this, you can highlight important passages, underline key phrases, strike through irrelevant content, and squiggle errors. The user-friendly interface ensures seamless markup for efficient document collaboration, meeting diverse annotation needs.

Text Markup highlight annotationsText Markup underline Annotations
Text Markup strikethrough annotationsText Markup Squiggly Annotations

Text Markup Annotations in Flutter PDF Viewer

Preserve digital signatures

Ensure the integrity of your PDF documents with non-interactive digital signature rendering. This feature preserves a signature’s integrity unless a deliberate editing operation is performed.

Preserving Digital Signatures Using Flutter PDF Viewer
Preserving Digital Signatures Using Flutter PDF Viewer

Efficient document navigation

Enhance the reading experience with vertical scrolling in single-page layout mode. This feature provides a continuous, and user-friendly navigation experience that allows users to effortlessly explore and absorb the content within a PDF.

Vertical Scrolling Feature in Flutter PDF Viewer
Vertical Scrolling Feature in Flutter PDF Viewer


You can observe the following notable improvements in Flutter Charts:

  • 5x boost in performance during chart data rendering.
  • An impressive 8x reduction in memory consumption compared to the previous version.

These enhancements collectively elevate the capabilities of Flutter Charts, making it a more powerful and responsive tool for developers seeking optimal performance in their graphical data representations.


Thanks for reading! The new features in the Syncfusion Flutter widgets in 2023 Volume 4 represent more than just another update. They embody Syncfusion’s dedication to providing you with tools that elevate your creativity. We can’t wait to see the incredible apps you’ll craft with these enhancements.

Check out our Release Notes and What’s New pages to see the other updates in this release.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our support forum, support portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

Happy coding!

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