Designing Systems in the Age of AI feat. Hassan Rezk Habib [Webinar Show Notes]
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Designing Systems in the Age of AI feat. Hassan Rezk Habib [Webinar Show Notes]

Designing Systems in the Age of AI feat. Hassan Rezk Habib [Webinar Show Notes]

This blog provides the show notes for our July 6, 2023, webinar, “Designing Systems in the Age of AI.” The webinar was presented and hosted by Hassan Rezk Habib. If you missed it or would like to watch it again, a recording of the webinar has been uploaded to our YouTube channel and embedded here.


AI is the next wave of computation. Software engineers must dive into that technology and leverage its powers to develop intelligent systems for the next decade. In this session, Hassan will introduce you to AI through .NET. He will walk you through the journey of leveraging AI in enterprise-level systems and how that changes the way we architect software moving forward.

About the Speaker

According to his Amazon author bio, Hassan Rezk Habib is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in the software industry, including most recently with Microsoft. He is the founder and owner of PiorSoft, LLC, and the organizer of the OtripleS project for an open-source, free schooling system for the economically disadvantaged children of the world.


00:00 Introduction

02:00 Overview of Standard. AI.OpenAI

03:59 Let’s Talk About AI

11:00 AI, UI, and APIs

14:35 Demo Application

20:35 Answering Questions

28:20 Learning How to Train an AI Model

29:44 Ideation of AI

31:32 Closing Notes


During this webinar, we explored the possibilities and concepts behind AI. We hope you enjoyed this webinar, and please keep an eye out for our future webinars. 

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Disclaimer: You will need to use professional skill and judgment when doing any implementation. This provides only a sample. Syncfusion is not affiliated with OpenAI and is not responsible for any results.

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