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Announcing our new collaboration with Uno Platform

Syncfusion’s collaboration with Uno Platform

Syncfusion was thrilled to be a part of UnoConf 2019 and the new launch of version 2.0 of Uno’s Cross-Platform Development Platform. We announced support yesterday for our grid, schedule, and chart controls for Uno Platform using our UWP toolkit. Jerome Laban even demoed our tools during the keynote address!

We would like to support more controls for Uno. We’re trying to gauge interest in our developer community with a short survey. This will let us see what kind of controls and functionality would be helpful. This will help shape our future collaborations with Uno Platform. Please take a minute to share your interest in this survey.

Conference highlights

If you were unable to attend Uno Conference, you can watch the stream of all the sessions on YouTube here.

Here are a couple samples from our existing controls that work with Uno:

chart controls for uno platform

Syncfusion’s chart control in Uno Platform


grid controls for uno platform

Syncfusion’s grid control

Why Uno?

Based in Montreal, Uno Platform is unique in that it allows developers to build native mobile, desktop, and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML from a single codebase. It is an open source and professionally supported platform. In a field with hundreds of new ideas daily, they are quickly gaining momentum.

Partnering with companies like Uno is important for us. It opens the door to have code written for web assembly, iOS and Android. Uno’s support for Xamarin Forms allows enterprises currently using Xamarin Forms-powered apps to bring their apps to the web without a costly rewrite. The addition of Syncfusion controls makes this development even faster.

Jerome Laban at the UnoConf 2019 keynote


Software development keeps pushing forward at a rapid pace and it can be easy to fall behind as technologies change and evolve. Syncfusion is committed to enabling developers everywhere to have access to coding resources and tools. We believe both freelance individuals and large corporations can make valuable contributions to the industry. Companies like Uno, who share our vision, really contribute to the whole software development ecosystem.

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to get the latest updates as we release new controls for Uno Platform. The team at Uno has already planned a second UnoConf for September 22-24, 2020. We plan on being there.


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Comments (15)

Stephanus van Staden
Stephanus van Staden

Great news
When do you plan on the first release?
Is it possible to become part of a Preview program?

Hi Stephanus,

Thanks for contacting Syncfusion. We are currently working in collaboration with the UNO team. We will be publishing development NuGet once when we are ready of the beta release of the product, here you can preview the controls even before its final release.

We do not have any definite timeline for our beta release, but we will update you once when it is available.


Stephanus van Staden
Stephanus van Staden

Any update on this? Its been nearly 9 months since this big announcement – nothing yet

Any news about beta release?

Hi MK,
We are planning to make Chart control available in UNO by January 2020.


IS the Datagrid allready supported on the Uno platform?

If not, when is this sheduled please


Hi Wheel,

DataGrid is not planned for UNO yet. We are experimenting UNO platform by porting our chart component. Based on the release of our chart component, we will plan on porting the remaining components one by one.


Hi Suresh,

Any update on when the Chart control for the Uno platform might be available?


Hi Ian,

We haven’t decided on the release date for the beta program, because we are waiting for few issues to be resolved by UNO team.


Hi Suresh,

Thanks for the update. Are the issues preventing you from releasing the beta recorded in the Uno repository? If so, could you highlight which ones they are so the community could expedite fixes?

I have a UWP app using Syncfusion Charts I’ve very keen to port to Uno.


It is looking that uno platform is not mature. Do you think that their problems are solvable? I dont want to use Blazor. 🙂

Any news on this collaboration? I would jump on this in a heartbeat if I could see a path forward.




Do you have any news regarding Uno support ?

This is really becoming an interesting platform, and it is getting hard to know if you still are interessted in targeting it.



Uno support for all of your controls would help the majority of your customers. Writing applications for all platforms using a single codebase is the dream of all software developers.

4 years later, we still do not see a meaningful improvement in terms of Uno support for SF controls.

Comments are closed.

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