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Catch up on the Top 10 Coding Blog Posts of 2018

Look back at this year’s most-read “How-To” blog posts on web and mobile development to learn how you can get more out of your favorite development toolkit.

Web Development tutorials and info

File Explorer in JavaScript

Learn how to implement a Windows Explorer-like interface within a web application, allowing end-users to browse, upload, and download files. Folder structure can be changed by renaming, moving, or deleting folders and files. In addition, the control’s layout and folder management can be customized.


Introducing New Angular Tree View Component in Essential JS 2

This post will help you represent hierarchical data in a tree-like structure, with the option of expanding and collapsing the tree nodes. Includes features like data binding, node icon support, check boxes, node templates, drag-and-drop, and node editing supports.


HTML-to-PDF Conversion Using ASP.NET Core in Linux Docker

We explore how the HTML-to-PDF converter can be easily integrated into any application with five simple lines of code. Using this library, you can turn an entire webpage into a PDF file, or just convert a portion of the page. Your PDF will just look like the webpage you converted.


Adding a Drop-Down List to Your Angular Application

This is a look at the Angular drop-down list component in Essential JS 2. You will learn how to get started with a simple drop-down list and move on to enabling several of its features by extending the sample with simple code snippets.


Create Beautiful Charts in Angular

Learn the process of creating a simple chart in an Angular application and configuring the basic features. The complete code can be found at our GitHub repository.



Mobile Development tutorials and info

Overview of the Progress Bar control in Xamarin.Forms

Using a progress bar in Xamarin.Forms just got easier. This post covers the use of features such as rectangular and circular bar shapes, determinate and indeterminate states, segmented progress visualization, customized range colors, and animations.


Put OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps in Your Xamarin.Forms Application Using Syncfusion Maps

You can show OpenStreetMaps and Bing maps using the Xamarin.Forms Maps control, providing the ability to visualize satellite, aerial, street map, or other kinds of imagery tiles without using any external shapes files. Find out how you can effectively use this toolkit.


How to Create a Mobile App That Monitors Accelerometer Data

Thanks to Xamarin.Essentials and Syncfusion’s Circular Gauge control, creating a mobile app that monitors accelerometer data has never been easier! Let’s take a look at how to implement this control in a Xamarin Forms app.


Overview of Data Grid in Xamarin.Forms Part 1

This blog post explores the Syncfusion Data Grid component in Xamarin.Forms. Create a real-world data grid that renders the data collection from your view model into a table format. It includes functionalities like data binding, sorting, grouping, editing, and filtering.


Word-to-PDF conversion in Xamarin and .NET Core

Learn how to convert Word documents to PDF in Xamarin and .NET Core with the help of the SkiaSharp graphics library.



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