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Be Empowered by Our Community License

The cost of development weighs heaviest on those who can least afford it. To ease that burden, this time a year ago, we made our Hobbyist Licenses available for Syncfusion’s JavaScript and WinRT suites, allowing individual developers to use all our JavaScript and WinRT controls in independently-published commercial applications.

Thus, a path was paved for individual developers to publish their apps with little or no overhead, aside from the hours they put into development. Now, you could say we’ve extended, or widened that path with the recent release of our Community License.

All Essential Studio Enterprise Edition components, an array of more than 650, are free to any individual developer, or up to five developers at small companies with less than $1 million in annual revenue. A package that would cost you nearly $10,000 is now free. And it not only includes all our components; it also includes membership in the Syncfusion Plus program, which gives you access to our Big Data Platform and Essential Predictive Analytics.

To receive so many components, representing so many hours of development, at absolutely no cost, seems beyond conception. Coupled with perpetual support and product updates, the Community License is even more amazing. Think of your most favored pet project. It’s probably born from an insight exclusive to you. Convincing company managers to fund such projects is hard when they don’t share your intrinsic passion.

By giving you access to hundreds of components and full support, a Community License is in essence Syncfusion’s way of funding your project. Syncfusion believes that good things come when individuals or small groups are able to pursue something risky without concern for cost. It’s a form of freedom, a predicate for progress.

Syncfusion has long supported the developer community by giving away a number of products for free, such as the Succinctly series of e-books and the Metro Studio icon design app. As you share those products with others—your colleagues and peers—please let them know about our new Community License. We’d also like to hear what daring things you’re creating now that the power of Essential Studio is available for your grassroots projects at no cost. Let us know what you’re working on by tweeting @syncfusion or visiting our Facebook or Google+ pages.


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