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Announcing Orubase 3.0 — Free for Everyone

The latest version of Orubase, our complete solution for developing hybrid mobile applications, provides better integration with Apache Cordova and Visual Studio tools for Apache Cordova. This enables developers to easily build and deploy hybrid apps to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app stores.

Orubase includes a rich suite of user interface components optimized for building enterprise, hybrid mobile applications, including more than 30 pixel perfect mobile JavaScript controls. It also integrates well with Apache Cordova to provide a seamless, end-to-end development experience.

Orubase ships with over 30 mobile JavaScript components that can be used to easily create complex line-of-business user interfaces. All the controls render themselves differently based on the mobile devices they run on, ensuring that the end user sees the interface elements native to the platform, even though a common user interface has been built for all platforms.

We have put in a lot of effort to ensure our controls look and behave as closely as possible to native controls. A demo of the mobile JavaScript controls can be seen at



Orubase provides two approaches to building hybrid applications. One option is to build the application purely in JavaScript, using our Mobile JavaScript controls, and place everything in a self-contained, native app package that can be deployed to app stores. Another option is to build a mobile web application in ASP.NET MVC using our Mobile ASP.NET MVC controls, and then package the website as a native app that can be deployed to app stores. The second option is the quickest way to create a mobile version of an existing ASP.NET MVC application.

Integration with Apache Cordova and Visual Studio tools for Apache Cordova lets developers build an entire application using Visual Studio. Apps can be easily installed on devices for testing using the Adobe PhoneGap developer app, which doesn’t require the device to be developer-unlocked. This makes it very convenient to test apps in development on actual devices.

When the app is ready, the final packages for the app stores can be built locally on a PC and Mac by opening the respective project files Orubase creates for Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Xcode. However, Orubase also integrates with the Adobe PhoneGap cloud build service, which can build app packages for all app stores in the cloud. This makes it possible to do the entire development within Visual Studio.

Another major highlight is that Orubase 3.0 is completely free. Commercial support is also available for Syncfusion Plus members.


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