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5 reasons why you should develop for Windows 8

The release of Windows 8.1 is around the corner. A breadth of opinion has been written about the Windows 8 user interface, but when all is said and done, Windows 8 is a revolutionary update that propels Windows into the age of tablets and touch devices.

As is usually the case with Microsoft, it has listened to feedback and made careful tweaks to the user experience with Windows 8.1.

At Syncfusion, we are very excited about the coming release and believe that the Windows ecosystem offers more opportunities today than ever before. Not everyone will feel the same way, so we’ve highlighted a few aspects to get you thinking about developing a Windows 8 solution.

Bay Trail is a game changer

Intel’s new Bay Trail processor is going to change how Windows tablets are perceived. With the first generation of Windows tablets, battery life was a major issue. While many business users loved having their Windows programs available on a tablet, the battery life of x86 devices was less than ideal. Bay Trail changes this by providing a complete tablet experience with full HD graphics and the ability to run traditional Windows desktop programs without compromising battery life in any way. Bay Trail-powered tablets will be able to provide 10+ hours of battery life and look every bit as svelte as the iPad.

Windows tablets are going to get really inexpensive

Bay Trail is also going to drive down the prices of Windows-based tablets. Several manufacturers, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Acer, have already announced devices that run on Bay Trail processors starting from $299. Intel predicts that prices will fall even further. Considering the powerful features these devices offer for business users, their price point makes them very, very attractive when compared to currently available Android tablets and the iPad.

WinRT is very similar to WPF and Silverlight

There are very minor differences between these XAML-based frameworks. It will not take more than a few hours to get familiar with WinRT if you are already comfortable with WPF or Silverlight. Much of the learning curve centers around taking advantage of new paradigms that can enable a truly seamless mobile user experience. You can learn all that you really need to know from our free e-book on Windows 8 development.

Tools are easy to obtain

If you have a license for Visual Studio, MSDN, or both, you already have the tools you need to develop Windows 8 applications. If you do not have these, Microsoft provides free tools for you to start with. In addition, several third-party vendors, including Syncfusion, offer compelling extensions that target the WinRT environment. Charts, grids, reporting engines, dashboard utilities, and much more are all available from vendors to make Windows 8 development easier.

Compelling user experience

When it comes to enabling powerful line-of-business applications, there are few environments that can rival Windows. Windows 8 can drive very innovative business solutions. At Syncfusion, we have included several end-to-end samples with our WinRT controls to provide a taste of what is possible with Windows 8. We encourage you to take a look at these samples by downloading our free, 30-day evaluation if you have not already done so. You will be surprised by what is possible.

We look forward to seeing the applications you develop for Windows 8!


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Comments (3)

really the windows 8 getting the good features than other techs .but there are two type of server known as common branches of the cloud fusion to be controlled whether that could be a branched azure or that could be a rooted azure…..

Unfortunately deployment for any enterprise app is more costly and difficult than deployment of a win 7 or desktop app. What’s the roi on going this route ???

Truly love XAML and C# along with: WPF, Silverlight and fo’sure WinRT.
… just posted my first WinRT app to the Wiondows (8) Store:

Why program in 5 languages (html/js/css/C#/ as opposed to 2, XAML and C#.
Stick a pin in your eye – less painful.

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