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2014 Volume 3 Makes Predictive Analytics Easy for Developers

For many, the last months of the year are a time to unwind and draw things to a close. For Syncfusion, however, it is a time to unveil another update to Essential Studio Enterprise Edition packed with new and improved features and controls, including Essential Predictive Analytics, a new product for deploying predictive models developed in environments such as R, SAS, and SPSS with .NET applications.

Essential Predictive Analytics uses the industry standard Predictive Model Markup Language. It allows modeling to be performed using common statistical analysis environments, and the produced models can then be used within .NET applications with minimal extra coding. Solutions produced with Essential Predictive Analytics can even be deployed to Microsoft HD Insight. One of the perks of this solution is that it relies on no backend services or SDKs, and perhaps the greatest benefit of this new product is that users never have to worry about deployment fees or royalties.


Deploy Models Developed with SAS, R, and SPSS to .NET

Many additional improvements are included in Essential Studio 2014 Volume 3, particularly for JavaScript and Windows Forms. The Chart control for JavaScript now has 3-D chart support for column, bar, pie, doughnut, stacked column, and stacked bar chart types, complete with depth customization and built-in rotation. Depending on the type of 3-D chart used, some series can be displayed side by side or one in front of the other to provide unique views not available in other charts. Another significant improvement in JavaScript involves the Schedule control, which now supports a convenient horizontal layout with drag-and-drop and color coding capabilities, making appointments visually distinct and the schedule overall easier to use.


3-D Doughnut Chart and 3-D Column Chart

For Windows Forms, a new PivotChart control has been added to provide users a way to chart and analyze complex data. It features several data charts; quantity, state, and country buttons; drag and drop items; and the ability to group, sort, filter, and edit chart data. Also new to Windows Forms is the MultiSelectionComboBox control, which allows users to easily load multiple items from a suggestion list into a text box. Rounding out the new Windows Forms controls are the BulletGraph control for plotting current values against goals or predicted values, the ToggleButton control for providing an interactive button that switches between two states, and the TreeNavigator control that provides an intuitive method for users to navigate hierarchical information.

Other impressive additions to Volume 3 are the new Schedule and RichTextEditor controls for universal Windows applications. The Schedule control is the first of its kind for Windows Phone to feature day, week, work week, month, and timeline views. Data in the schedule can be easily transferred to and from other applications, and appointment mapping, color customization, and localization options add flexibility to an already essential control. The RichTextEditor control enables users to view and edit rich-text content, including images, tables, and lists from .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .txt files within universal Windows apps.


Schedule Control for Universal Windows Apps

Regardless of your platform of choice, there’s something worthwhile in the more than 40 new or improved features in this release. For a full breakdown, see What’s New. If you are already a Syncfusion customer, the entire release is available to you at no additional cost. Simply log in to Direct-Trac to download the latest version of Essential Studio. If you aren’t yet a customer and want to experience these controls for yourself, download our free 30-day trial and see how Syncfusion delivers innovation with ease.


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