Road Map Announced for First Release of 2013

Syncfusion has published its Road Map for Essential Studio 2013, Volume 1. It contains all the features we're working on for our upcoming release in early February. As usual, we've tried to keep it simple, specific, as logically organized as possible, and transparent. It will be our first release o... [More]

2012 Volume 3 Road Map

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released the road map for Essential Studio 2012 Volume 3. In it you will find the features we’re currently working on for our user interface, reporting, and business intelligence suites of .NET components and controls. The planned features for Es... [More]

Syncfusion’s Road Map Is Your Best Guide

At the beginning of March, we released our road map for the second quarter of 2012. It lets developers know exactly what to expect in Volume 2, for every product, on every platform. By unveiling what’s coming, developers will be able to anticipate what new features they’ll be able to add... [More]