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Road Map for Essential Studio 2013, Volume 3

We’ve published the official Road Map for our upcoming Volume 3 release, which is scheduled for August 15 of this year. Volume 3 will bring exciting updates across our WinRT, ASP.NET MVC, and reporting offerings. It will also include major enhancements to our new suite of JavaScript controls that was initially released last week.

Building on our new client-side JavaScript controls
In addition to the 30 JavaScript controls we just released—including highly interactive grids, charts, and gauges—our next release will add three major controls for creating diagrams, maps, and tree maps. All of them will be designed with enterprise in mind.

Some WinRT additions to note

Volume 3 improves upon our WinRT Chart, Grid, and Schedule controls by adding a number of features that our customers wanted to see. We introduced our WinRT controls a few releases back, and we’ve had extremely positive reviews from customers developing for Windows 8. We’ll continue to make many enhancements in this area.

Grid control enhancements:

· Nested grid and row templates.

· Rows and row headers that can be dragged.

· Context menu support.

· Multiple cell types.

Chart control enhancements:

· Different colors for segments in a bitmap series.

· Customizable start angles for circular series.

· Fine-tuned label placement.

· New chart types—stacked area 100, stacked column 100, stacked bar 100, and fast stacked- column charts.

· Series and data points that can be dragged.

More reporting enhancements

Our reporting controls have been around a long time and have been popularly received. We’ll be adding several major features to them:

· Nested tables in our Report Designer.

· Document mapping.

· Drill-down support.

· Charts, gauges, data bars, and sparklines that can be displayed within tablix cells.

Also, Essential PDF, our Adobe PDF manipulation library, will allow you to create and modify PDF portfolios.


Diagramming has been a very popular component of Essential Studio. In addition to the WinRT features mentioned, we’ll be adding substantial features to our Diagram control for ASP.NET MVC. Diagram rotation, snapping objects to a grid, and text wrapping in labels are just a few of the features we’ll add.

For all the details on what’s coming in Volume 3, check out our Road Map page on, or email for a PDF copy.


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