During this webinar, we saw how to perform CRUD operations using the Blazor DataGrid component with Google Firebase as the database provider.


  • Create a Google Firebase project and configure a Firestore database.
  • Create a simple Blazor application with the Syncfusion Blazor DataGrid, configure CRUD operations, and connect it with the Firestore database.
  • Perform CRUD operations in the Syncfusion Blazor DataGrid and the Firestore database.

Creating a Google Firebase project

  • Creating a Google Firebase project.
  • Creating a Cloud Firestore database.
  • Adding an initial data collection.

Creating a simple Blazor app


Creating the Blazor app

  • Adding the Syncfusion Blazor DataGrid.
  • Configuring CRUD operations.
  • Connecting it with the Cloud Firestore database.


During this webinar, we learned how to perform CRUD operations using Google Firebase and Syncfusion’s Blazor controls.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and will keep an eye out for our future Blazor webinars.