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How can I restrict the use of style for certain types of controls ?

Platform: WPF| Category: Styles and Templates

If you want to enforce that a style can be applied to a particular type only, you can set its ‘TargetType’ property.

For example, the following style can only be applied to a button (or a subclass of a button).


<Style x: key='buttonStyle' TargetType='{x:Type Button}'>
	<Setter Property=' Button.FontSize' Value='22'/>
	<Setter Property=' Button.Background' Value='Purple'/>
	<Setter Property=' Button.Foreground' Value='While'/>
	<Setter Property=' Button.Height' Value='50'/>
	<Setter Property=' Button.Width' Value='50'/>
	<Setter Property=' Button.RenderTransFormOriginal' Value='.5,.5'/>
	<Setter Property=' Button.RenderTransForm'/>
	<Setter.Value >
		<RotateTransform Angle='10'/>

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