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How do I make the items in the ListBox be a combination of values from 2 different columns in my data source?

Platform: WPF| Category: ListBox

First create a custom DataTemplate that uses adjacent TextBlocks to render values from 2 different columns next to each other.

            <DataTemplate x:Key='lbItemsTemplate'>   
                <StackPanel FlowDirection='LeftToRight'  Orientation='Horizontal'>   
                    <TextBlock Text='{Binding Path=Title}'></TextBlock>  
                    <TextBlock Text=' \ '></TextBlock>  
                    <TextBlock Text='{Binding Path=Summary}'></TextBlock>  

Above, Title and Summary are the two columns.

Then specify this template in your ListBox:

<ListBox x:Name='ListView1' ItemTemplate='{StaticResource lbItemsTemplate}' ItemsSource='{StaticResource InventoryData}'>   

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