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Can I embed a figure into a paragraph of text ?

Platform: WPF| Category : Flow Content, Printing

Figure and Floater are used to embed content in Flow Documents with placement properties that can be customized independent of the primary content flow. Figure or Floater elements are often used to highlight or accentuate portions of content to host supporting images or other content within the main content flow or to inject loosely related content such as advertisements.

The following example shows how to embed a Figure into a paragraph of text.


<FlowDocument xmlns=''

      Width='300' Height='100' 
      Background='GhostWhite' HorizontalAnchor='PageLeft' >
      <Paragraph FontStyle='Italic' Background='Beige' Foreground='DarkGreen' >
        A Figure embeds content into flow content with placement properties 
        that can be customized independently from the primary content flow


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