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How lights are useful in 3D graphics ?

Platform: WPF| Category : 3D Graphics, Border

Lights are similar to lights in real life. Light objects are used to illuminate a part of a scene. Lights can be used to create shadow effects. In a 3D scene at least one light has to be added to make the scene visible. WPF has four different types of lights with unique functionalities.

The following are the types of light available in WPF.

  • AmbientLight – provides uniform lighting to all the objects in a 3D scene.
  • DirectionalLight – It is like a distant light source. It does not have a location but has a direction.
  • PointLight – It illuminates like a nearby light source. It has a location and provides light effect from the location and objects in the scene are illuminated based on the location and position of the point light.
  • SpotLight – It is similar to a pointlight. It provides illumination in a cone shape. The ‘InnerConeAngle’ and ‘OuterConeAngle’ properties determine the illumination of the objects in the 3D scene.
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